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Contact Information

For all information regarding the Annual General Assembly, please contact Jon Baldan at


NOTE: While our regular website in unavailable, it is not possible to register online. But PLEASE write to to inform him of your intention to register and to receive notification when online registration is restored.

The Annual General Assembly is the opportunity for FGG Member Organisations to have a say in the way that the FGG is run and, more importantly, decide on the future host of the Gay Games in 2018.

Register to receive the following benefits:
– Access to all sessions of the AGA (excluding special in camera sessions unless allowed)
– A goodie bag with information about Cleveland and Akron
– Access to the Gay Games 9 function
– Access to the Welcome function
– Access to the Site Selection Announcement
– Venue tour of Cleveland/Akron

If you are entitled to free attendance, you will receive a special discount code via email which will allow you to avoid payment. However, if you choose not to use this discount code, any payment you make will be considered a donation to the Federation of Gay Games. Because the Federation is registered under US Code 501(c)3, you may be entitled to some taxation benefit for your donation. You will need to check with your tax advisor to confirm whether or not this is the case. If you haven’t received your discount code, and you fall into one of the free categories below, then contact the Vice President, Operations (Jon Baldan) at

The fees for the Annual General Assembly are as follows:

Members of the General Assembly (Delegates, Honorary Life Members and Directors) – Free
Committee CoChairs who are not members of the General Assembly – Free
Hosts – First 10 people free, $20/day for each additional person
Bidding Cities – First 11 people free, $20/day for each additional person
Site Inspectors – Free (please note: you do not need to register)
Invited Guests – Free (please note: you do not need to register)
All others – $20/day


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