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This year, the FGG is attempting a new initiative using Evernote to distribute documentation. A Notebook has been created in Evernote at:

We strongly recommend that you register with Evernote so you can have access to this Notebook on multiple devices.

Please Note: The FGG will not be providing any paper copies of these documents to any participant in the Annual General Assembly.

Evernote allows the synchronisation of documents and notes on a variety of devices including PCs, tablets, notebooks, smart phones etc. Evernote is free on all devices and when you connect, you will automatically synchronise documents from the main server.

Download Evernote from or install it from the App store for your device.

Once you have installed it and created an Evernote ID (or logged on with your existing ID) you should Sync Evernote to have the AGA 2013 Notebook appear in your list of Notebooks.
For help go to

We will be loading bid books, meeting procedures, minutes, reports, bylaws, agenda and the updated schedule etc into this notebook over the coming months. You may also find Evernote useful for synchronising the bid books from the 2018 bidders, your travel documents and notes you make during the AGA so you can access them from everywhere.

This initiative is to make the Annual General Assembly “green”. It costs the FGG in excess of $500 in copying and paper at a normal Annual General Assembly and by using this mechanism we are hoping to save both on cost as well as our footprint on the environment.

In the meeting rooms, WiFi will be provided for all participants to be able to synchronise with Evernote.

If you don’t have access to any of the devices for the Annual General Assembly, you can still access Evernote via the web and print these documents out yourself. The FGG would request however that you recycle afterwards.


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